Mermaid with Double Spiral

Mermaid with Double Spiral

A movement offering from Karin Gurtner and art of motion academy. Roll out your mat and nourish your body with 9 minutes of spiraling movement to feel more limber, energized, and juicy inside!

This Slings in Motion favorite:

Facilitates multidimensional movement ease in the spine, ribcage, and shoulders
Enhances openness in and around the hips
Strengthens, lengthens, and softens abdominal, back, and pelvic floor muscles and fascia
Brings ease to the head and neck
Deepens and expands the breath
Massages and nourishes the internal organs

Mermaid/Merman with Double Spiral also assists dynamic balance in the autonomic nervous system, therefore:

Strengthens the immune system
Supports a healthy digestion
Deepens sleep

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Mermaid with Double Spiral