Heart to Hands 1

Heart to Hands 1

Kier will lead us through an experiential study of the neurovascular tracts that weave among the fascial layers of the Arm Lines.

During the webinar you will learn self-treatment techniques for working with some of the brachial plexus nerves and nerve roots, branches of the subclavian artery, and the intercostal nerves and arteries. You will gradually feel and understand how these self-applied strategies can be translated into your manual therapy or movement therapy practice.

When you have reduced the body’s subconscious need to protect the neural and vascular networks, your clients will have better proprioception, more productive stretching, more efficient movement, and greater freedom.

Come away from this two-hour experience with an embodied understanding that less effort and more anatomical specificity are often the keys to sorting out chronic neck and shoulder mobility problems.

Kier loves to explain anatomy and spatial relationships, and strives to leave no one behind while sharing her geeky expertise. Both Manual Therapists and Movement Therapists are welcome in this course. Kier will describe and show examples of how to apply these concepts and techniques when working with clients in both kinds of practices, but our main goal is to give you some techniques for working with your own body.

This two-hour webinar is the third in a series of webinars on Neurovascular Release™, however you won’t be lost if you jump in on the series with this one. All three webinars can stand alone.

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Heart to Hands 1