Dynamic Resilience

Dynamic Resilience

Tom’s lecture includes his insightful perspectives on dynamic resilience from birth to death, including how we learn – with embodied practices of auditory, visual and kinesthetic methods of learning, and recent research on fascia and the importance of movement.

Moving through life these days requires increasing resilience. Recent research in the biology of resilience focuses on movement, specifically conditioning the body’s fascial fabric, and learning self-regulation through breathing – the very stuff of yoga. Come play with real and practical tools for healthy ageing and facilitating injury repair.

The fibers and gels of the body’s connective tissues shape us, creating the context for the flow of physiological life for every one of our 70 trillion cells. The fascial web not only connects our whole body, it connects all the branches of medicine. From foetal life to full growth, from having children and on into menopause (even wrinkles originate in the fascia), the fascial system is fully involved with our functional health – but it has been little studied until recently.

Tom reviews new research in light of ancient wisdom from yogis and martial artists. Although aging cannot be stopped (yet – the genetics of senescence are interesting), this experiential talk is built around Tom’s experience and research into dynamic resilience.

Rich or poor, young or old, we all have to live in our bodies. Some put their attention elsewhere and let their genes work it out. This evening builds instead from the idea that conscious attention invested in the body – and this can take many forms, not just the obvious one of exercise – will tickle the right genes and repay handsomely on all levels of being.

Intended for: For bodyworkers, movement professionals, and all spirited bodies

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Dynamic Resilience