These videos provide a unique view of fresh tissue cadavers, revealing fascial anatomy often not seen in traditional anatomy textbooks.
Videos include regional anatomy and specialty classes with precise dissection, multiple camera views, and clinical applications for movement
and manual therapy from Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers.

  • Anatomy Trains Revealed: Dissection

    Using real-time classroom video and photos, this 3-video set presents an unfolding firsthand voyage of discovery in the field of manual and movement therapies – a unique 21st century view of fascial anatomy in manual and movement therapy unexplored from the first dissections in the Renaissance un...

  • Dissection Lines on Skeleton

    12 items

    Guided by Tom Myers, these videos provide unique fresh tissue dissection images of the Anatomy Trains lines
    on donor skeletons, to provide context within the human body. The lines include the Superficial Front Line,
    Superficial Back Line prone and seated, Lateral Line, Upper and Lower Spiral Lin...