Deeper Ground - Female Pelvis

Deeper Ground - Female Pelvis

“The female pelvis – with sexual trauma, periods, birth, and menopause – is not handled well in our society. Not that men don’t have pelvic restrictions, but this program – the distillation of 30 years of practice – is focused on freeing and balancing the very cradle of life.” – Tom Myers

Reach your ‘deeper ground’ of embodied awareness and strategic confidence.
Take this 4-hour tour of the female pelvis – its key points and unique challenges.

Highlights include:

Hands-on certainty and technique review for all the major muscle groups
Assessments and techniques for posterior and anterior pelvic floor, psoas complex, and diaphragm
Common perinatal biomechanical issues explained
Postural patterns and their effect on pelvic health
Handling fibroids, pelvic pain, diastasis recti, and scar repair
Expanded anatomy of bones, ligaments, deep muscles, pelvic floor fascial layers – as only Tom can explain it

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Deeper Ground - Female Pelvis